Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To Be at This Moment...

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Temple Terrace - -    As you sit on your laptop or computer, take a minute to ponder.  To be at this moment, history of thousands of years had to happen exactly the way it did.  Of course, you made decisions that have kept you alive and hopefully healthy.  History and Technology have created the world we live in today.  People like Lewis and Clark exploring America's uncharted territory.  The Westward Expansion, where the white man forced the Natives to leave there lands and keep migrating.    Men and Women conquered the Natural Environment with the use of wagons and horses.   The most advancement came with the increasing supply of petroleum from fossils, as technology has progressed individually and privately.  The invention of the internet, by Vinton Cerf and D.A.R.P.A.  That increased the speed of time, creating a relative impatience within the developed world.  We, as developed nation citizens, want efficiency, speed, less cost, and the best quality. With 3G and now 4G networks, nobody is out of reach. 
Decisions made by each of us, have a collective effect on the entire population and thus the world. 
That is History!  History since the Human rose to be the 'Alpha Species of Earth'.
You are sitting here today, most likely, because a world around money and oil has been created so you do not have to waste time.  Wasting time hunting food, finding clean drinking water, place to go to the bathroom safely, and a place to sleep inside a built environment.  All that is available for a price.  Coal is becoming the new oil in terms of going electric with vehicles, but that may be reduced once solar panels and alternatives grab hold of the market.   Seemingly endless amounts of energy for a price.  There is an end however.  That's another topic!

The music we love, the movies we love, the memorable conversations; being able to travel in one day what used to take months or years;  These are some of the great things you and I can enjoy through the creations with technology.  We live in a world that has been taken over by the dependency of energy, especially water and electricity and oil.  These three components have given us the time required to make more advancement in a lifetime than what used to be much more with just the bare hands of labor and slaves.  But resources are finite so we must progress.  However progress at the moment is a different play book in each of our mind's.  I am thankful for the fact that I am still alive and have found a life that makes me happy and keeps me bettering myself.  As much as I am against the dependency on Energy, I realize how my life and probably your life would be much less experienced and fulfilling without the consistent source of electricity. May we find a balance between minimizing energy consumption while still maximizing our lives.

So as you get back to your day, remember how technology and history have shaped the person you are today!!

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