Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music Review

Temple Terrace FL    I appreciate music and would
like to give you reviews of some old and new artists and albums that will open up
some of your minds.  This my first music review, and I highly recommend you
and your mom go out and buy this album. On CD!! Old school should stay back
in the day, and CD's are now 'back in the day' ladies and gentlemen.
PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS about this album if you heard some tracks.

       Cypress Hill album "III: Temples of Boom" was released in 1995.  I have listened to it before but this is my first review of it.  I would rate it 8.9 out of 10..  B-Real has usual violent lyrics and references to rap battling, ghetto life of the 90's, and marijuana.  Sen Dog has back up vocals and adds some deep tones and hard words as well as finishing lines for B real [+1].  I like this album the best out of all Cypress Hill's albums.  The lyrics are constant and flow, and although they are the usual tones and situations in most songs of all their albums, You can still relax to it! B-real's words have been perfectly set at the speed of the instrumental.  This is in all the songs.  However as I am not much for violent lyrics because I wanna just vibe to the music, I ranked it just below a 9 out of 10, so that's my bias!

     What makes this album so special is that every track has an instrumental
that you just wanna rock to.. Your head will definitely bobb and
nod to the speed, kick and snare, truly underground, original sound
that makes DJ Muggs legendary! Every song has an instrumental my ears love. 
"Funky Freakers" "Illusions" "Killa Hill N***as"  "Everybody must get stoned"
and my favorite "Boom Biddy Bye Bye".I have heard the album many times
so I like to just go back and listen to the instrumentals
while I study or work around the house.   Get this album!
                      You will like this album if:
               + You like instrumentals
                +You like lyrics
                + Mainstream music radio makes you stressed
               + You wanna just take a breather and roll back

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