Sunday, May 13, 2012

Note to the Reader

Temple Terrace - -  In many of my articles, a developing theme has appeared and I want to correct any assumption.  I write my articles based on facts, opinions, and public awareness.  There may be
some readers who think I am just complaining or negative towards a topic.  The reality may include those, however I am going to use facts as well as my thoughts to portray a certain topic.  If the reader does not agree with what I say or the facts that I source on my articles, GOOD! I want to hear your point of view!
Every person who writes an article, abstract, review, or any type of writing INCLUDES THEIR PERSPECTIVE.  If people were afraid to give their view, then many good ideas and progress would be lost!!


Thats Why I created this blog.  To get some truth and opinions on the internet so others can read quality material and use critical thinking to make critical arguments against or for anything I say as well as the comments that the readers post.

SO PLEASE, CRITICIZE AND REFUTE ANYTHING I SAY in the comments section.  I WELCOME POSITIVE FEEDBACK TOO so those who have posted comments, THANK YOU!!!

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