Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recycle Your Water

     I was at my friend's apartment last week when I smelled
an odor of sea water coming from his sprinkler system.
He explained that his complex, in fact, does use
some lake or sea water for the sprinkler system.
The odor by the way was strong and a little unpleasant
Prior to this day, I had been sitting around my apartment on Earth Day,
pondering like Sherlock Holmes with his tobacco pipe on ways
to be a smarter Human.  I walked into my bathroom and contemplated
toilet water being recycled for lawn watering.
However that filtering process would be expensive to implement on
 a large scale.

  Then it occurred to me that the shower drains water and
chemicals (soap, shampoo, etc.)The filtering process would be
less expensive and the water might even smell nice (Joke)
If separate piping is connected to a refined sprinkler system,
this is a real world application..I will be looking for some assistance
(especially engineers) to make this a real product.

Here is a site to see how much water your household 
or apartment uses:

The benefits to a Shower to Sprinkler system are many, Here are Some:

1). Lower water bill
2). Better for the Earth
3). Same fresh water for plants and animals.

IF You are interested in working on this project,
just post to my blog or contact me..

What ideas do you have about making 
the Earth a more hospitable and clean 
planet to live??

I want to know so post to my page...

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GRule said...

Water is probably one of the biggest hot button topics we have right now in the environmental wrestling ring. I think plan to reuse water, (especially water that is otherwise useless after being used once) is a idea heading in the right direction. With population increasing along with consumption the stresses on our water supply exponentially grow. If nothing is done to address our water issues soon, in the future we will be fighting wars over water, not oil!