Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anxiety: How does it affect you??

Temple Terrace --

       Over 1 million people
in the United States suffer from regular anxiety.
  I heard on the radio that "We are living in a time of Anxiety".
  And I was so selfish to think my Anxiety was different from yours.
  Turns out that many of us Humans are anxious around 

   HOW COULD WE NOT BE?? We are constantly bombarded with mainstream media telling us useless information on a daily basis.  Even if you choose not to watch the news, everyone has stress in their life.  Unless you are wasting your life selfishly not caring about anything else, You have a lot on your mind!  Work, family, kids, bills, places to be, people to see, deadlines to meet, and how to live in a sustainable way that reduces your ecological footprint.
And then to top it off, we end up consuming food and substances that produce no health value
and harm the body.Antibiotic chicken, hormones in beef, pesticides injected into fruits and vegetables, genetically modified fruits and vegetables (Monsanto seed),
hazardous air pollutants, over-chlorinated drinking water, and of course plastic in our DNA.
To understand all these hazardous, you should learn about bio-accumulation and
persistent organic contaminants.

With all this culture setting you up to be anxious, you have doctors that will prescribe you
medications to "balance" your brain.  However, recent studies show that if a person is having anxiety or depression, this is often a Thyroid issue.  The Thyroid is located at your throat, and controls many things doctors mistake for brain function such as mood, sleep, hunger, and energy level.So before you take Prozac recommended by your doctor, make sure your taking care of your bodies needs and have blood test for Thyroid if severe anxiety is regular.
  I have been dealing with my anxiety for as long as I can remember
  and until I met my wife, I really had no idea how anxiety affected my life.
  I'm not saying my wife is my solution.  She unknowingly has helped me
  come to know myself and really find How I want to live my life..

    I was "done" with just getting by, feeling this discomfort physically and mentally,
    on a daily basis!! I now exercise everyday, trying different sports and gym routines.
    I eat organic vegetables and fruits with every meal, as well as using healthy oils
    to cook my food.  I rarely eat at a restaurant, as I find that my wife and I cook better
    and more healthy than even the most expensive steakhouses!!
     But most importantly, I always keep in mind my Breathing Cycle.

   Many Humans do not breathe correctly.. Through the Nose, out the Mouth..
   One tip from a physical therapist is to make sure your stomach does not move
   when you breathe to ensure maximum lung intake.
   Some people only breathe into the top of the lungs, not getting enough oxygen
   for the entire body.This lack of oxygen will cause stress, agitation, high blood pressure,
   and ANXIETY!! I have no doubt that on a regular basis, more serious medical issues
  are related to this. SO BREATHE DEEP unless its near a polluted or hazardous environment.

Although I do not have a real solution to Anxiety, I recommend
highly you always keep conscience of breathing correctly.
It may be hard to remember to do this constantly at first.
But if you just designate specific times during the day
it becomes much easier and natural to breathe properly.
Lastly, Keep in mind what you put into your body..
Humanely Raised, Cage Free, and Organic...
It may break the bank, but doing this will 
ensure your body is getting all the nutrients needed
to feel your best and perform your best.  If you still find
that your anxiety or discomfort is still affecting your life negatively,
please research and seek medical information.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the breathing techniques...this in itself can be a lifesaver in times of high anxiety.

MNTLY STBL said...

Thanx for the reply.

GRule said...

I myself have suffered with anxiety for sometime now, and I found that it was a combination of many different things that helped me. I took a meditation course that was offered through my university's counseling center as well as the free therapy offered. Also started taking a very light prescription medication to "take the edge off", which helped me actually be able to put into practice everything I had learned.

The BEST thing I feel I have learned from my experience thus far is that, I can't conquer anxiety... like it isn't something I could go to the doctor and get meds and it would be all gone. Anxiety is something I have had to learns to live with and through this LIVING (something anxiety keeps one from doing) I developed my coping mechanisms.

MNTLY STBL said...

Wow, I never lookd at it like that GRule..

Its true because I have it all the time and
for me breathing relieves the tightness from too
much anxiety..

Thanks for your Reply