Thursday, May 3, 2012

Once the Bees Go, Will Earth and its flowers sustain??

    Yahoo! posted an article yesterday about a new study
involving cell phones and Bee's.  The conclusion
was in fact alarming to me to say the least.
The Swiss researcher Daniel Favre indicates
cell phone frequencies (usually 900MHz)
disrupt the signals within the hive, causing
confusion and stress for the Worker bee's and 
probably the Queen as well.
      Colony Collapse Disorders occurs when the Worker
bee's dessert the colony, leaving a Queen with eggs and 
immature bee's who will not learn 
how to keep the colony  alive.  
This is a valid explanation that explains the decline 
of the Bee population  since 2003.  I personally believe it is 
a combination of factors including this.

   As I personally found out,  Bees are very sensitive to temperature as well.
Hot = Agitated and
Cold = Calm, almost Comatose.


With the temperature changes on a global scale,I would bet my declining dollar 
that too is affecting the Bee population as well..Lets face it people!! Cell phone use 
has not been researched thoroughly for ecological purpose..Cell phones can now be found in every country..

I found an article ( dated  February 16, 2010.. At this point, it was estimated 5 billion cell phone subscriptions  were active.  Even Children in America as young as 10 have cell phones, as it is a safety net for parents.

 For the Bee, the sad truth is unless restriction or restructuring of cell
phone use is enacted, the frequency of worldwide cell phone use will
operate on a level that is inhumane towards animals.

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Debi said...

I have learned that if you feel that "spark" to do something important for the better good of need to tend to that spark and create a roaring fire....good luck Mike...this site can be completely amazing! Stay humble ...stay strong....stay grounded....much love

Debi said...

Oh...and thank you for enlightening me....I had NO IDEA about this topic before reading it here....WOW

MNTLY STBL said...

Thank you Debi.. I appreciate your comments!!!