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Hollande and Socialism: Brief Opinion

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  Ah Monday morning, bright and sunny.
France has elected a new president, Monsieur Hollande.
He is a socialist candidate and is an odd man out within the Euro-Zone.Two of his strongest promises during the campaign:
75 per cent tax on income of those making over 1.3 million Euro annually and to cut Austerity measures from France that are currently imposed throughout Europe. 

   Many people in America and globally are upset that the french people chose Hollande and believe a collapse of economic proportions will occur.  Some of them believe the government will just steal everybody's money now.  I have read many comments suggesting his tax on the rich is ludicrous and just the idea of Socialism is a fallacy.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT PURE SOCIALISM MEANS!!Socialism

    Free High Quality Education, Free High Quality Healthcare, Public Sector Job Growth, Infrastructure job growth, and best of all, community ownership.  People are actually more concerned with being happy and living life than just making money!! I feel very sad for those who just make money and do not care about helping make a better country or world. 

   If everybody is a capitalist, as the majority of citizens in America are, we see poverty, lack of quality education, lack of job performance in all sectors, laziness, Substance abuse, obsessive behaviors, social and emotional problems, disconnection from reality, and stealing money from the system, as well as pollution and consumerism of epidemic proportions.  The Individual is rewarded monetarily, no matter how he steals, cheats, or lies to get IT.
  The Invdividual never experiences the reward of time and effort as that is experienced by those who did not earn but stole your time and effort.

If everybody was a socialist, we would see community gardens and farms to get food, community squares to work and play, community high quality education, strong work ethic, strong ethical and moral factors in decision making, Nobody is better than anybody else that works just as hard.
 A visible connection between surviving and helping others to survive and live happy lives, lack of selfishness and greed and obsession and impulsiveness to consume.

   Although socialism goes against what America was founded on, socialism not co-opted will heal this planet and the Human if played by the rules of those in government.  We all have ambitions and goals but its time to look around, take stock, and realize there is
NO VALUE in FINANCIALIZATION.  VALUE is TIME.  How long Something takes to make, the benefit It gives, and how long It lasts. Not investment or marketing!! 
   We live in a world where the greatest commodities to life became  ARE FOR ALL LIFE  and are now held hostage by big corporations and selfish, disgusting individuals.  They just existed as Clean Air,  Clean Water, Organic Food, and  Organic Shelter.  They are created through a natural process of Time and modified by labor, not by throwing money at them. It may seem that way but that's the illusion of capitalism.  Our disconnection with what it takes to survive will have dire consequences for the unlucky billions that will realize one day how far away and lost in space Human beings have become.  3% annual growth indefinitely is impossible because we live on a finite planet with boundaries!! I could write much more about how capitalism forces Everyone to become individualistic, competitive, and self defeating and I will but this article is about HOPE for a future   . 
    Hollande may become co-opted at some point but his rhetoric at this moment seems very appealing to those in France and around the World who are opposed to financial capitalism and consumerism.
     The 75% rich tax will encourage all middle class and low class earners to open businesses and apply for jobs and have a better chance at succeeding.  Instead of being greedy or individualistic,  people will see the whole country creating and working together to build a nation of workers of  many professions and services that would not been seen or heard of in the global market.  Those who make +1.3 mill. Euro will have to decide where to invest their profits so the tax will not bite their earnings.  Possibly investing in non-profit and beneficial services for the community as well as public-private co-operatives.  There will be top earners who will pay the 75 per cent tax, however they must adapt and see how they are not better and deserve more life than any other hard working citizen putting in time.
  Their may not be any financial market of worth to investors outside France, but inside the country will experience high employment, better infrastructure, and high quality services IF Hollande holds pure socialism over his own ideas of Socialism.

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